Soya Sauce Western


Plywood table, Wooden bowls (basswood, cherry, maple, ash), Bent chopsticks, Bent soup spoons

The people coming in to eat formulate the experience of the installation. Here I invited my peers to join me for dinner with food that comes from a Cantonese tea restaurant (茶餐廳) that serves Soya Sauce Western classics. Food such as ham sandwiches, macaroni soup brings a sense of nostalgia, but at the same time a dialogue on our post-colonial society through cuisine.

This work speaks about the transcultural identity within an oversized round dim-sum table filled with food that instigates conversation within one another. On the table there is a pot of ham macaroni soup, vegetable curry and croquettes as foods that are representative of an individual of diaspora. Food in many cultures forms identity, culture and even social mannerism. There are tools for food, posture/etiquette while eating food and the socialization within the dinner table.

The utensils are distorted in a way that changes our behavior through eating. Thinking about how cuisine changes within our changing environment, why not change the way we eat.


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