Parts of my identity are embedded in the pieces I created, not a portrait, but a sense of my fragmented existence. 

Kristi Chen is a multi-disciplinary visual artist based in Toronto. Prior to her stay in Toronto, Chen was born in Vancouver, lived in Singapore, United States, Hong Kong in her childhood and teen years. Her work hypothesizes where the past coincides with the future through surreal environments, animals and imaginative creatures. Chen as a Canadian, Singaporean Chinese individual whom lived in East Asia and Canada, has always felt positioned in a paradox .Throughout her life, she seeks to find that comfort within her diasporic experience, which has influenced the imagery and materiality presented in Chen’s body of work. Manipulating three-dimensional objects , reviving lost traditions and legacies is an extension of her body and life. Creating a dialogue using sculpturalforms to communicate complex identity politics and forgotten familialnarratives could be potential relics for generations before and after.

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