Market Specimen


robotic fish, glass cocktail dispenser, laundry cart, dried pig intestines, glass bowl, metal spoon, metal chopstick

Recollecting visual experiences of wet markets in East Asia, Market Specimen is an anti-utopian prediction on the idiosyncratic relationship between us and mother nature. In the present, things are confined, concealed and isolated ultimately to keep the human population and their psyches safe from the environment. .

The wet market still operates now, however, is a densely populated area with many exposures to everything imaginable. Walking through blocks of hanging fresh meats and guts, live fish in tanks and the wet,slippery floors in one small area overloads the senses. The amalgamation of these elements in a whole experience questions to think whether we are scared and anxious of where it all comes from.

Market Specimen is a response to that question as well, where everything is artificial and an imitation. Artificial plastic, glass and dried intestines creates a dystopic perspective on the utopian vision of food security in markets. None of the materials are fresh or alive, therefore an oxymoron of the wet market. The objects used in this work reflect a pseudo-science fiction, the robotic fish is in the context of food, while the container itself is containing the specimen. The drink dispenser invites the viewer to consume, but the closer the viewer sees it the more uninviting it becomes. The spoon/chopstick object reflects the culture of eating in the markets and our relationship towards food. The food then travels through the eerie, flesh toned intestine which encompasses the metaphor of the umbilical cord. Feeding and giving its nutrients to cultivate and survive.

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